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InSoft exists because 17 years ago there was no software that completely meet customer needs in the insurance market . Our very first customer was Dominion Insurance. InSoft visited, listened, learnt and then designed the software to work for them. It’s a process that we continue today, and we’re proud to say that Dominion Insurance are still happy customers.
Now our innovative software solutions have been chosen by insurance and finance companies globally.   We are committed to developing leading edge, cost effective software, that provides both functionality and flexibility.
We have highly skilled consulting, training, and development service capability within the organisation. Our development and testing team are located around New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong with our head office based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Javelin Ltd bought InSoft on 1st July 2014 - see below for current Information on Javelin as at 1st July 2014

Javelin has morphed from the pre-existing company, OrderWare Solutions.  For over 14 years we have been a leading provider of mission critical solutions based on the innovative business process modelling engine, Javelin™.

Javelin Ltd is a privately owned company. 

Javelin’s product development team is headquartered in Auckland, with development team members also located in Wellington and Perth.